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Professional Airshow Pilot

Jon Melby is a Professional Airshow Pilot with over 40 years of flying experience.   Since 2002, Jon has performing as an airshow pilot in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The role of an Airshow Pilot

In addition to Jon's ability to perform extreme aerobatics in an airplane, he is also an Author, Mentor, and a Coach.  Jon has dedicated his life to helping people to move out of their comfort zone and into a more enhanced life.  He does this through his Podcasts and online training series.

Aircraft Jon Performs in

Jon performs in the Pitt's S-1-11B Muscle Bi-Plane.   It has 350 HP, cruises at over 195 MPH, and Jon's airshow routine is anywhere from 9 positive to 4 negative G's.

Aerobatics: What is it like?

Flying aerobatics is amazing!   At first, it is a little scary but after awhile it is like no other type of flying.   In the hands of an experienced aerobatic pilot, it is the top of the aviation skill set as a pilot.   Imagine an extreme roller coaster ride and that is what we, as Airshow pilots, feel every time we perform aerobatics an an extreme level.
Jon's Sponsors

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

Hangar 24 is based out of Redlands, California.   They are a premier Craft Brewery that specializes in Craft Beer that are labeled with aircraft as their ICON.  With over 34 types of craft beer, they have a huge following of H24 enthusiasts.   This has been created, in part, by their over 10 years of producing the Hangar 24 Airfest in Redlands, California.
The Life of an Airshow Pilot
Jon Melby first learned to fly at age 8, when he created a pile of leaves in his Duluth, Minnesota lawn, climbed onto the roof of his 2 story home, and jumped like a bird into the leaves! He has been hooked on flying ever since. 

At the age of 12, he had the opportunity to meet the legendary airshow pilot Bob Hoover at a local airshow. Bob Hoover’s sincerity and great personality gave Jon the inspiration to pursue his dream of flying. When he was financially able, Jon made it a goal to achieve his solo in a glider before his 16th birthday. In only 8 flights, he achieved his goal by riding his bicycle 45 miles each hot Arizona July weekend to the nearest glider airport.

It was this type of determination that inspired Jon to purchase an airplane at age 19, and then hired an instructor to learn to fly it! He received his pilot’s license by flying every day for a period of 3 weeks, yet eventually yearned to do more in an airplane. In 1996, he purchased a Pitts S2B Bi-plane and spent 3 months training to compete in aerobatic contests. During his first competition with 23 pilots, Jon achieved 3rd place, and in the next two contests he won first and second place, awarding him enough points to become the Arizona State Sportsman champion his first year of competition flying. It was then that Jon knew that aerobatics was his love. Now, flying “extreme” freestyle aerobatics, Jon enjoys flying Airshows, so he can encourage both adults and children to pursue their dreams, much like Bob Hoover did for him.
Photos - Videos - Updates
  • Feb 3: Buckeye Air Fair and Airshow - Buckeye, AZ - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  March 10: El Centro NAS Airshow - El Centro NAS, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration  (Tentative)
  •  March 17: MCAS Yuma Airshow - MCAS Yuma, AZ - Hangar 24 Static Display (Confirmed)
  •  March 24: Riverside Airshow - Riverside, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  April 7/8: March ARB Airshow - March ARB, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  April 28: Beale AFB Airshow - Beale AFB, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Tentative)
  •  May 5: Jacqueline Cochran Airshow - Thermal, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  May 19-20: Hangar 24 Airshow - Redlands, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  June 29-July 1: Elmendorf AFB Airshow - Elmendorf AFB, AK - Aerobatic Demo (Confirmed)
  •  Aug 20: Madras Airshow - Madras, OR - Aerobatic Demonstration (Tentative)
  •  Sept 22-23: Sacramento Airshow - Sacramento, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Tentative)
  •  Sept 28-30: MCAS Miramar Airshow - MCAS Miramar, CA - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
  •  Oct 27: Hangar 24 Airshow Lake Havasu - Lake Havasu, AZ - Aerobatic Demonstration (Confirmed)
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