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Written on January 1, 2018
Managing fear in your life is not easy.  It takes practice and forces you to step out of your comfort zone!   But hey, if you stay in your comfort zone all your life...what fun is there in that?

As a professional airshow pilot, I have to conquer fear every time I fly.  The mortality rate as an airshow pilot is daunting.   So...everything I do to prepare myself for a performance is wrapped around being ready for handling the unknowns.   To accomplish this, I practice and practice and practice.   

Imagine you live your everyday life with family and friends.  A couple times per week you practice your craft and then you are thrown into a situation where you are demonstrating your craft in front of thousands of people.   The sheer adrenaline of meeting new faces, interviewing on television or radio, and showing people what you do is exhilarating!  But none of this comes without a price.   To manage my own fear in my life, I have had to step out of my comfort zone over and over again.   But today, I can easily fly my aircraft anywhere in North America.   Meet hundreds and thousands of new people, while using the platform as an airshow pilot to get my message out.

About now you are asking me, "What is your message Jon?".  It's simple, 
"I need to help as many people as I can,
to manage fear in their lives"
To accomplish my message, I have created several programs to help others manage their fears to achieve their dreams.   Where are you at with your dreams?   Are you sitting in your comfort zone afraid to venture out to achieve those dreams you have in your head from long ago?  It's not too late for you to begin conquering those fears to live a life with managed fear.   Look, I have been through many years of learning how to manage fear all on my own.  You can't learn what I can teach you in books from a university or self-help section.   Those books were written by people who teach the theory of fear from a "congnicent" point of view.   In my opinion, that is a simple waste of time.

Let's start managing your fear right now.   Simply fill out your e-mail address below and I will send you my FREE fear management checklist to get you started.   You can take your first fear management steps today!  No matter what your fear is in.

Looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams in your life.  So, you can help others achieve theirs as well.

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