Watch out for the Rabbit Hole!

Watch out for the Rabbit Hole!

Have you ever gone down the road in life and made a turn that got you slightly lost?   Sometimes we are so set on a certain plan, that we forget there are alternatives…we just need to ask others to help.   Recently, Jon has been pondering the name of his Podcast series.   It started with “Danger Zone Life”, but after some discussions with many friends, it was realized that the name needed to change.   The Danger Zone life name is geared towards those who live in a Dangerzone all the time, not necessarily for the masses.   So Jon changed the name to “Fear Boss” so people can become a boss of all their fears.

As Jon says in the Podcast, people have be flexible to change their minds and do a reset.  This podcast episode is an example of that.   The problem is that people like consistency and typically not a lot of change.   So Jon delayed the new podcast series for months in order to make sure it was the right thing to do.   Technically, this episode is the first of the new series of “Fear Boss” podcasts.

Hopefully you are patient and forgiving as Jon lays out this new Fear Boss strategy.   The goal is to help those who listen to the podcast become more able to manage fear in their lives so they can fulfill their dreams.

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