Sticking to your dream – know in your “Knower”

Sticking to your dream – know in your “Knower”

This episode Jon talks about how important it is to have “Stick To It-tiveness” or sticking to what you started. If you have an idea or a project, if you decide to move forward with it then stick with it. The fact that it becomes difficult or there are obstacles means you can take a break, but ultimately you need to press on. When you press on, you have some options.  They include to climb over, go around, or punch through the obstacle in front of you. Either way, stick to what you started and watch how wonderful you feel after what you started becomes reality.

Today Jon will be practicing some extreme aerobatics in the Pitts Bi-Plane.  On the way to the airport, Jon stops to get some chicken for lunch.   It is better flying with a full stomach than nothing at all.   Most people think that the stomach should be empty when performing aerobatics (or flying), but actually that makes you feel nauseous.   Jon recalls being “double dog dared” at an airshow to eat some pork BBQ, French Fries, and a soda pop.   When he got back down from his performance, people were amazed that he didn’t get sick.   But the worst experience was having Chinese food and Hot and Sour soup.  When flying upside down and pushing the aircraft to the vertical, all the soup went to his throat.  The spices in the soup made his throat burn so he couldn’t talk on the radio.   That experience is never recommended.

Getting back to the subject of “Stick-to-it-tiveness”, Jon talks about how much work it takes to put out a podcast series.  Plus having a day job, family, healthy living, and the airshow business.   The whole podcast series is meant to help people overcome the fears in their lives to achieve their dreams.   Coaching people on how to step out of their “Comfort Zone” and enter a rewarding life in the “Danger Zone”.   The danger zone meaning anything that is outside of someone’s comfort zone.

Setting up the podcast series, website, and formatting has to be done right.   About 3 months prior to this episode, Jon had got to the point where it was almost overwhelming.   Understanding the podcasting setup, social media, and requirements for a quality podcast is huge.  It’s like taking a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and throwing it on a table.   With a busy schedule, it’s just a lot to do.   Like the previous podcast episode, it is so important to keep the balls of life up in the air.  Especially the glass one which is family!   Adding the podcast series means late nights and a lot of extra work leaving less time for everything else.   So Jon took a 3 month break from building the podcast series.  During this time, he was able to learn more and study during free time.   He didn’t stop the idea or the dream, instead he took a break.   The fact that there is so much to do and learn with this new adventure meant that it was an obstacle.   Obstacles, as Jon states, need to be overcome by one of the following:

  • Go over the obstacle
  • Go around the obstacle
  • Punch through the obstacle with a big bulldozer

The most important thing to do is ensure that you continue with your idea or plan.  Shelving it for a few months is considered going over the obstacle.  You need more time to climb up the wall that is in front of you.   But giving up doesn’t do you any good because you just quit.  Then you kick yourself for not doing what you set out to do.

Look, you have dreams in your life and they need to be fulfilled.   This entire podcast series is dedicated to you so you can hear how Jon and others pressed through the obstacles to achieve the dream.  None of it is easy and in fact, you probably have those around you even discouraging you by negative comments.   Jon has had to deal with others in his own life telling him he is crazy or selfish to go after his dreams.  Yet, in the end everything is perfectly fine and his life is well balanced.  More importantly, he is happy because he pressed through many, many obstacles in life to achieve all of his dreams since a young boy.

Fulfilling your dream by sticking to it is important.  Like a movie that Jon recently saw called “The Greatest Showman”.  In the movie (which is also a musical) there is a song called Come Alive.  The song is about “Dreaming with your eyes wide open”.  It’s so inspiring because the song is literally about overcoming obstacles.  You dream all the time, even with your eyes open.  That accomplishing the dream means you are pursuing it during the day or at night, because it is your dream.  Jon has a saying that you have to “Know in your Knower” which is in your core.  Listen to your Knower and follow your dreams.   Either take a break, then climb over the wall.  Go around the wall or go full speed ahead through the wall.  All the time listening to that still small voice inside, your “Knower” on what to do next.

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