Living YOUR adventure!

Living YOUR adventure!

In this episode, Jon talks about being a Fear Boss means you have to manage those fears.  With an upcoming airshow in Anchorage, Alaska, Jon has to fly his Pitts Bi-Plane from Phoenix, Arizona to Anchorage, Alaska.  Its a 15 hour flying time over three days.   Taking him from Phoenix through Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state.  Finally landing at Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada to clear customs and then a quick 10 minute flight to Chilliwack, BC to spend the night visiting friends.  The rest of the trip is through the mountains of British Columbia and into Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to spend the night.  The next day is off to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska in Anchorage.

For Jon, it has been several years since he has flown such a long flight over very inhospitable territory.   Using years of experience, Jon has to manage his fears yet he is a Fear Boss….with years of experience in managing fear.   This is exactly what is needed for so many people in life.  That they do something out of the ordinary to help them manage their fears in life so they can build confidence and share their adventures with others.   As Jon states, each of us have a purpose on this planet and we should be taking our skills/gifts and using them.  If you don’t, then you are not living a purpose filled life.    Especially since there are so many people that need to know how to overcome their own fears.   Not that you have to fly a high performance airplane to Alaska, but work within the world you live in to share your your gifts with others.

This is why Jon feels it is so important to share your adventures, not matter how big or small, on social media.  It’s the best way to socialize your management of fear and inspire others to do what they need to be doing too!  Ultimately, this makes you a Fear Boss too, by inspiring someone you may or may not know to do the abnormal.   In fact, Jon also suggests that you plan a trip in your car.  Pick a place that is about 2 to 3 hours away.   Bring some basic supplies and just drive to this destination.  Figure out what is there when you get there.  Don’t do any research about the area to see.   Once you arrive, ask people about the area and stay off the phone for web searches.   While you are driving, pay attention on the road but dream and enjoy the solitude.   Especially if you can do adventure alone.   It’s an amazing experience that you can share with others all the while making you more confident in facing the unknown.

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