Your Dreams Come True

and live an exciting fulfilled life
You can achieve any of your adult dreams! It's not "if", it is "how" to do it. Do you have a coach or a mentor to teach you how to have the confidence to make it happen? My name is Jon Melby and I can be your coach and mentor. I have achieved most of my childhood dreams and I have achieved almost all of my adult dreams. I say almost, because I am still working on my own dreams. Living a life where you are continuously pursuing your dream(s) is exciting and fun! You always have a life full of stories and accomplishments. Achieving your dream is a lifestyle that gives you confidence and fulfillment. No matter what your age, race, gender, or so called "status" in life. You just need some assistance from an expert who has truly accomplished the perceived impossible.

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Fear Boss Jon Melby Podcast Series

Learn how to overcome your fears
Frequent audio and video podcasts you can listen to or watch. Providing you insights into how ways you can manage your fear, step out of the box, and achieve your dreams.

Each episode is designed to coach you from an expert in fear management. Doing what seems to be impossible is made possible by getting advice from someone who has done it. Try it out for several episodes. It's FREE and it will change your life.

Living a managed fear
life benefits

Learn the secrets you'll need
to achieve your dreams

Learn what fears you have are holding you back

We all have fears - learning to manage them takes practice. But first, you need to "Really" understand which fears you have.

Move past your blind spots

Notice how pursuing a dream has so many challenges? There are blind spots out there, like when you drive a car. If you know what the blind spots are, then you can drive more effectively. The blind spots in your life are the fears you face.

Get out of your comfort zone

Sure, you feel comfortable both at work and life. But if you want to live a fulfilling life, then you need to get unbalanced. How you ask? By stepping out of that comfort zone you are in and feel uncomfortable. That takes coaching and encouragement.

Aim for the target!

Do you have your dream target in sight? What obstacles of fear are between you and that dream? To hit the "bullseye" of your target, you need to deal with whatever fears you have in life. Either overcome them or manage them while you are in pursuit.

Trusted By

You can be proud because all of this (airshow) was made possible in part by your participation.  The Airshow has been vital to or Airport and community and this Airshow and the resulting goodwill for the Airport was a success because of performances like yours.

Thomas Miller

Airshow Producer

Loved this!  I began to visualize what I wanted in my life. My goals and dreams. I overcame my fear of flying….and it was bad!!!!  Jon the work you are doing is so important!  So many people live in fear. Visualization is key to achieving anything we want.

Jacqueline Annel Brege

Jacqueline Annel Brege

Podcast Listener

Jon worked with me to overcome my fears of moving out of state for a new job.  I never thought I would have the nerve to leave my hometown, but I knew I needed this opportunity.  If it wasn’t for Jon, I would never have had the courage to take such a leap of faith.   I don’t regret it and I am stronger for it.

Brandon Pearce

Brandon Pearce

Aircraft Pilot-Mechanic